divorcing an alcoholic: What Problems Will I Face Divorcing An Alcoholic Spouse? Reynaldo Garza, III

divorcing an alcoholic
divorcing an alcoholic

If you have an alcoholic spouse who is an authorized user on your credit cards, it’s time to remove them.. You can usually do this by logging in to your account online and making the change in the settings. Divorces are complex proceedings especially when there are children involved, so a little organization goes a very long way.

divorcing an alcoholic

This means they may go through treatment, maintain sobriety for a period, and then return to drinking. If you do not wish to leave an alcoholic spouse, these tips can help you deal with the situation in a better way. Beyond recognizing the negative effects that alcoholism has had on you and your family, it is important to keep the following tips in mind if you are living with an alcoholic. A spouse or significant other is a common source of support for someone in recovery, so it is important that you avoid drinking if your spouse is also trying to avoid alcohol. There is a belief that children will be better off if parents stay together, despite the alcohol abuse.

As a writer at Marriage.com, she is a big believer in living consciously and encourages couples to adopt this principle in their lives too. Sylvia believes that every couple can transform their relationship into a happier, healthier one by taking purposeful and wholehearted action. Divorcing an alcoholic also means giving up on your vows and the person you used to love but this decision is necessary especially when the well- being of your family is at stake. As well as supporting our claim especially when fighting for the custody of the children involved. First try your best on how to help an alcoholic husband. Dealing with an alcoholic spouse is very stressful.


Especially if they continue to drink and abuse alcohol during the divorce proceedings. You may be asking yourself “How do I protect myself and my children during a divorce from an alcoholic spouse? Note that not every divorce case involving an alcoholic spouse will have a child custody evaluator appointed–this is something you should discuss with your divorce attorney.

divorcing an alcoholic

That is true whether the alcoholic spouse provides the family’s financial support or their habitual or continual abuse prevents them from working, and you support them. If you are divorcing an alcoholic, it is important to understand that alcohol addiction is a chronic, relapsing disease. This means that people who are alcoholics can’t just stop drinking and be cured. They need to seek treatment to overcome their alcoholic addiction. My goal with AskFlossie is to help women protect themselves. I applaud people battling substance abuse and pursuing sobriety, and those who no longer abuse alcohol or substances.

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While my therapist had been encouraging me to go for a long time, I didn’t because I was afraid I would see someone I know, and I didn’t want to sit around and talk about my problems with other people. There arestrong correlations between eco sober house heavy alcohol use and divorce ratesin the United States. Couples with one heavy drinker are themost likely to divorce, while couples with either two heavy drinkers or two abstaining partners are much less likely to divorce.

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A parent, current spouse, or cohabitant, of the parent or person seeking custody, or a person with whom the parent or person seeking custody has a dating or engagement relationship. The date your attorney files and serves the divorce papers depends on each of the above issues. Many divorce attorneys do not speak with their clients about this issue. This may require a restraining order and emergency child custody orders.

What Does Full Custody Mean – What Factors are Considered to Win Full Custody

Your spouse’s ability to pay for your attorney’s fees and the timing and amount of the fee request. If you intend to engage in extensive settlement negotiations with an addict, you may find a lot of time and money wasted. The parent who requests the drug test often advances the test’s cost. If the test is positive, the tested parent must then reimburse the other parent. You should collaborate with your attorney about these issues.

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I have apologized endlessly to my wife, and I have had multiple conversations including amends with my kids. Our twenty-second wedding anniversary is next month. I love Sheri more now than on the day she became my bride.

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If you have children, be sure to prioritize their self-care as well. You may want to consider allowing them to speak with a counselor who specializes in working with children who have a parent with alcohol use disorder. Remember kids internalize relational patterns that they observe, especially the parent-child, and parent-parent relationships, and tend to unconsciously replicate these patterns as adults. Janet McCullar is a seasoned attorney who focuses her practice on matters involving parental infidelity and child custody disputes. Janet has successfully defended clients in a large number of difficult divorce and child custody disputes. In addition to this, Janet McCullar is a published author and public speaker who frequently discusses topics related to divorce and the custody of children.

  • Seek counseling – Try counseling with a therapist who is experienced in working with issues related to alcohol abuse.
  • Alcoholism has led to a lack of physical and emotional intimacy in the marriage, and one spouse desires more.
  • They may lose their job, have financial problems, and get into legal trouble.
  • We have seen such situations devolve toward physical abuse against the other spouse or children.
  • The level of difficulty when dealing with an alcoholic with an ongoing alcohol abuse problem can vary so greatly from one person to another that the greatest consistency is a lack of consistency.
  • The junkie is an extreme version of the dysfunctional addict.

When a judge hears a divorce case, their responsibility in child custody decisions requires determining the child’s best interests. This means they will make custody and visitation orders to ensure children are cared for and safe. Divorcing an alcoholic spouse may seem scary for those who rely on their spouse for financial support. If your spouse is a functional alcoholic, they may be able to continue working and could even be the primary breadwinner for the family. In some cases, the negative effects of alcohol abuse on marriages can be severe.

For example, Florida courts, which arenot governed by a specific statute regarding annulments, decide cases of annulment based on prior cases or precedent. In Florida, intoxication is ground for annulment under prior case law. The other spouse then has the opportunity to rebut the evidence produced. This can turn a hearing into a matter of he-said, she-said, making court proceedings often long and costly. Your ability to obtain financial help from family or friends and the terms of such a loan or gift. The community property resources available to pay for the fees.

How alcoholism can impact child custody arrangements

The alcoholic parent would have to take mandatory alcohol and drug tests regularly or randomly. Parents who are recovering alcoholics should not spend the night away from their children. Typically, alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen for heavier drinkers.

I can guarantee they care less about their family’s financial support or dividing marital assets than they do about feeling safe. And mild or severe, it can be hard on marriages and families. Many people struggling with persistent alcoholism have an untreated mental illness. https://soberhome.net/ They may lose their job, have financial problems, and get into legal trouble. They may have burned some bridges, destroying personal relationships and support networks. Alcoholism can also lead to physical abuse and emotional abuse of their spouse or children.

You must have the evidence to support your position of this threat. A private investigator can set up surveillance and find information to which you and a family law attorney do not have easy access. If you are not sure, consult with a criminal law attorney before taking action. They come from decades of combined experience by our family law firm’s attorneys. Alcohol is one of the most commonly used substances. Though legal, it’s also one of the most addictive.

divorcing an alcoholic

The Texas family court will make decisions that provide the greatest amount of protection to a child if a parent is found to be a threat due to alcoholism or other substance abuse issues. The court system takes alcohol abuse very seriously, eco sober house cost especially when it comes to child custody arrangements. A lawyer can help present evidence and argue on behalf of what’s in the best interest of your kids—including safeguarding them against an alcoholic parent if required.

Medical detox can help minimize the unpleasant and dangerous side effects of alcohol withdrawal. After time passes and you process your emotions, you may find life becomes easier when you no longerlive in a home affected by alcoholism. They talk about craving alcohol and spend a significant amount of time drinking or recovering from being drunk. They cannot keep up with work or family responsibilities because of their alcohol abuse.

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