How to Find Developers for Startup in 8 Easy Steps


Limited talent pool.When relying on the local job market, you might not fill an open position. It might be easier when expanding your geographical circle. Still, finding the right talent within the right location is hard due to talent shortage. Use these tips to find programmers for a startup and ensure workflow for a successful project launch. Software development for startups is a complex process.

What this means for you is that they’re not hindered by communication issues and are working in a startup environment. Is a platform that is completely focused on matching developers with startups. Prices start at $150 per job posting, with reductions available through bulk buying three or five job posts at a time.

  • Most tech startups start alone or with a couple of dedicated friends.
  • The main features and advantages of Toptal are the qualifications of their candidates, team dynamics, bottom-line financial.
  • Offshoring your development can save you as much as 50 percent over talent in North America or Western Europe.
  • But this can be quite perilous; ask the hundreds of companies that have spent thousands and millions on product development only to launch products that no one wants to use.

The development team keeps pace with tight deadlines while delivering high-quality source code. Decide on the sections where you will look for developers—marketplaces provide many options. The company provides you with particular expertise, which is rare on the market, but you do not need it full-time, e.g., DevOps. Established workflow.Outsourcing companies provide experienced, stable team squads. Team members know their roles and the scope of work they need to deliver on a project.

Turing claims that they hire 1% of the best software engineers. That means it’s harder for coders to join and easier for companies to find professionals. Remember, hiring a team of developers on a full-time basis is a big commitment. Make sure you perform all the necessary due diligence to ensure they are the right fit before onboarding them. More than that, all of the developers we work with are based at our HQ in Lisbon.

Cons of Outsourcing and Outstaffing

In most countries of the world, job boards are free. Don’t miss a chance to double your efforts in scaling the team. The first thing to do is to define your audience and write a clear job description with all essential requirements, conditions, and approximate rates. Custom software development Get unique software for your business. The remote development team may lack knowledge about your product. They have only the information that you have told them.


It will require an initial deposit, and the hourly rates can be high. So if you don’t want to deal with expensive developers, we have some other best options. Once you post your requirements, you will get many qualified developers ready to work on your project. In any case, you can use the following ways to find the best developers and programmers.

Sharing your values, mission, and vision with the potential developer will help him resonate with your perspective. Apart from this, both the iOS and Android application development requires a different SDK. Share the details of your request and we will provide you with a full-cycle team under one roof. They create magical digital solutions with their coding. Every business or idea needs fastidious execution without which the results won’t be satisfactory.

Step 1: Identify Skills Gaps in your Development Team

If you set a location, you can also find developers near you to work for your startup as full-time employees. If someone is working for your friend and doing the same job, they can do the same for you. You can even check what the freelancer has done for your friend’s startup. Its user-friendly interface and many other reasons appeal to programmers to join and load their work on GitHub. It gives startup owners opportunities to meet coders and see their work.

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To return to the previous example, if you are running an eCommerce business, it most probably isn’t. However, if your eCommerce platform is different in any way from a standard online shop and that’s a reason for people to become your customers, then the answer changes. To understand no-code even better, you can check out our no-code vs custom development article. There are plenty of good no-code services that you can use to do it yourself regardless of your tech background.

What matters a lot is you need a team of expert developers who are capable of doing your desired jobs. All the details regarding searching, selection tips, interviewing, hiring, and processing are mentioned above. When you are hiring a startup development company, follow the link given above. It’s interesting to note that even after having all the expertise and high hiring rates, not every company is suitable for you. As you have different plans for your Startup, choose the company with the appropriate skill set of your choice.

Every time you pivot, the project plan, budget, and timeline shift into the future. Node.JS Flexible technology for high-performance back end. Mobile App Development Everything needed to reach specific mobile devices. Our Product Blueprint Program provides the tools to develop better products faster.

How to Find the Right Software Developers for Your Tech Startup

Here too, check out the CTO’s experience, network, technical knowledge, certifications, and communication skills. When offline systems don’t help hire the ideal developers for your startup, you can always look online. Consider both these aspects before you hire developers. This implies that you cannot work alone and if you have a team, make it’s good.

It will be needed for your company only if you have an extensive startup plan and good initial investment. It is possible that the development team is only concerned about the next project. Still, your IT startup would have a much higher likelihood of lengthy sustainability.


We have a very high proportion of IT graduates coming out of our free university systems every year, and there’s always a fresh crop of talent with fresh skills to offer. Manageable — Choose developer staff that loves to collaborate and expects to be treated like a member of your team. A developer that sits in a cubicle all day coding without consulting with anyone else is not an asset to your organization. See, the team is working with innovative ideas or doing the same old-fashioned tasks every day.

In addition to find developers for startup your high-quality talent, they will also look at the cultural fit to help you find talent that stays. An experienced development team handles the technical side of the project. Ask the programmers about a couple of challenges they encountered and the solutions they implemented on a similar project. Only developers with many years of experience can help you realize your goal without wasting time and your money. Once you have decided on either building an in-house team, finding freelancers, or a company depending on your action plan and budget limits, ensure you have a list of requirements. Apart from setting your priorities, make a list of project requirements.

Where to look for a developer for your startup?

Oracle We are an official Oracle having strong expertise in Oracle FLEXCUBE core banking. Insurance We have more than ten years of experience in custom software engineering for insurance. Fintech Expertise in blockchain, real-time payments, 360-degree customer analytics, and more.

Admittedly, it’s a complex and time-consuming process. If the app targets iOS and Android users, the team should have an incline on whether to develop separate native applications or cross-platform apps (e.g. Flutter app development). Note that professional development teams may have business analysts and product managers who can further help refine the idea.

The main benefit of outsourcing your tech needs are flexibility and cost. You can get help on a flexible basis, depending on your needs. And typically, that’s more cost-effective than employing full-time developers. Plus, you can more easily scale down your efforts if your revenue decreases for whatever reason.

Good products are not just about creativity, they are about mechanical work, a long way to the goal. The right people nearby will make this way much easier. We are committed to ensure quality in detail and provide meaningful impact for customers’ business and audience.

If you run a tech startup, you will at some point have to find and hire developers. And the fact is, hiring developers for a startup, especially an early-stage one, is extremely complicated. The process of attracting a technical cofounder isn’t much different from the process of finding an investor. The only difference is that in the first case you’re convincing a person to invest their time in the project, while in the other you’re convincing a person to invest their money.

Let’s talk business

Someone with no business background is more apt to subvert the team in any way. Use the trial period to gauge the level of work and engagement. Consider if the communication with the team is seamless and clear. Build vital relationships, and after establishing a strong congruence, continue working with them. If the trial doesn’t work out, try another provider with a renewed focus on what you actually need.

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But on the other hand, it limits the choice so that clients can only choose from the candidates in the database. Our clients have the option of choosing the engagement model which best suits their requirements, including team extension, dedicated teams, pod teams, and remote development centers. If you just need someone to create your website, for example, you probably don’t need a full-time hire or a development team. Outsourcing your programming to a country where less pay is accepted may be a good, relatively inexpensive, solution for you. You can find someone to perform the tasks you need, and then you can thank them and move on. You don’t have to make a permanent hire, and if you form a good relationship with them, you will likely have a resource you can call upon in the future as needed.

  • The hiring platform connects you with freelancers who can be hired on an hourly or project basis.
  • A good work environment and employee retention are improved by cultural fit.
  • The main feature of startups is quick growth (according to the business accelerator, a 4-7% key indicator growth per week).
  • Dedicated Teams Build your product with a dedicated team of developers.

A startup team is not the same as a traditional company, and this is not by chance. Although startup budgets are smaller than those incorporated companies, jobs can be considerably more complex, and job stability is substantially lower. But a dedicated development team hired for a startup can work in every situation. The solution you’re looking for is hiring Attract Group, a Ukrainian outsourcing development company. We have helped many startups with their MVPs, and many have gone on to prove their idea viability. Glance through mobile app development companies’ blog posts to determine whether the companies’ expertise fits your project idea.

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